Public procurement law regulates the interface between the public and the private sector.

We provide a comprehensive range of advice across the entire spectrum of public procurement law. We support and accompany both public contracting authorities (awarding bodies) in the design and implementation of award procedures and companies (applicants/bidders) in the competition for public contracts and their participation in award procedures. We are familiar with the practice on both sides. This allows us to guarantee precise, forward-looking and solution-focussed support at all times.

For our clients, we use all the structuring options available in public procurement law to achieve pinpoint, pragmatic and economical solutions. The permanent aim of our advice is to identify and eliminate potential conflicts early on in order to avoid time-consuming and costly disputes from the outset.

If it proves necessary nevertheless, we also represent our clients in review proceedings before public procurement chambers and senates, as well as in all official and judicial proceedings relating to public procurement law (interim relief, damages, national and European appeal proceedings, access to files, etc.).


  • Classic contract awards (federal, state, local)
  • Purchasing/procurement by semi-/publicly owned companies
  • Budgetary law and economic administrative law
  • Funding/grant law and EU state aid law
  • Public-private partnerships (PPP)
  • Sectoral contract awards (infrastructure, traffic/public transport)
  • Strategic and innovative procurements
  • Innovation partnerships and pre-commercial procurement (PCP)
  • Procurement of critical public services/crisis management
  • Procurement of defence and security services
  • Administrative cooperations and in-house awards
  • Framework agreements and open-house procedures
  • Concessions and sponsorship agreements
  • Competitions and public awards
  • Compliance and risk management