We provide a comprehensive range of advice on transactions. We are primarily active in the area of corporate transactions (above all private equity, M&A, joint ventures) as well as real-estate transactions in the small-cap and mid-cap sectors. Our transaction advisors demonstrate proven special expertise in family asset and medium-sized business-related transactions, both on the vendor and on the purchaser side.


  • Assessment of companies and shareholdings as well as real-estate assets and other assets prior to acquisition (legal due diligence)
  • Shaping of the acquisition structure (also cross-border)
  • Drafting and negotiation of the transaction documentation (in particular, the purchase agreement, share deal, asset deal, shareholders' agreement, re-investment))
  • Transactions in crisis or arising from insolvency situations (distressed M&A), restructuring Integration after acquisition (esp. adaptation of the corporate governance & compliance)
  • Shaping and negotiation of joint ventures