We provide a comprehensive range of advice on all matters concerning employment and labour law. We work primarily for mid-sized companies, but also for small units and large corporations on the employer side. That said, however, our clients do also include board members and management executives.

A particular focus of our employment and labour law expertise involves advising and representing foundations, institutions and public corporations and local government employers.

We develop economical and bespoke solutions for all matters concerning employment and labour law that arise in day-to-day business. We also provide support in planning and concluding transactions, restructuring, plant closures and changes, transferring undertakings and reductions in staff.

We draft all types of documents pertaining to employment and service contracts, occasionally take on the role of external HR department for our clients and regularly negotiate for our clients with works and work councils expedient company regulations in the form of company agreements, reconciliations of interests and social plans.

The lawyers in our labour law department advise and represent our clients in all matters of labour law, including the interfaces with social and corporate law, both out of court and before all labour, civil and social courts, as well as arbitration boards and authorities in Germany.


  • Restructuring and transactions
  • Transferring undertakings, plant closures and changes, reductions in staff
  • Employment law for individuals (esp. employment contracts, protection against dismissal, working hours, leave, continued payment of wages, part-time working and fixed-term contracts)
  • Remuneration systems and employee share schemes
  • Company pension schemes/company pension law
  • Service contract law for members of executive bodies (managing directors, board members)
  • Works constitution and staff representation law
  • Collective bargaining and labour dispute law
  • Labour law in the public sector
  • Protection of employee data
  • Social security and social law with an interface to labour law (esp. maternity protection, parental leave, unemployment insurance, severe disability)
  • Company integration management (CIM)
  • Staff leasing and posting
  • Distinction between employees and freelancers
  • Representation in front of courts, arbitration boards and authorities